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Compliance Packaging
& Unit of Use Bottling


Universal excels in compliance and unit of use bottle programs which helps reduce the pharmacist’s workload while improving efficiency and reducing pharmacy errors.


  • Package Rx products into a compliance (blister card) / unit of use (bottle) configuration

  • Finished product delivered to distribution center throughout the country

  • Manage the compliance program for customers

Bottling & Blister Carding


Universal offers a wide range of bottling and blister carding solutions.


  • Turnkey packaging for blister cards and bottles includes purchasing components in a variety of sizes and configurations.

  • High speed production lines to maximize efficiencies for long runs, and semi-automated lines for the flexibility to accommodate smaller productions runs.

  • Flexibility allows Universal to manage and reduce total turnaround times.

Patch Manufacturing


Universal manufactures a variety of topical nutraceutical and transdermal patches. 

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